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My name is Jonathan McGaha. Some people call me Jon, or Jams. I do a variety of work in several styles and mediums; please look below for examples, pop over to my Portfolio for a deeper look, or for the very deepest of looks: peep my Art and Comics pages!

Site last updated: 2 Aug 2023

- The pre-2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2023 art pages and the comics page were updated or corrected!

- Updated the sketchbooks links and organization.

- Corrected errors on the portfolio page.

If you’ve already seen enough and would like to hire me; want to buy something from my art gallery; or you just talk about commission or contract work: please click on this big sack o’ cash! Otherwise, you can holler at me via any of my various social media's under the happy bluebird on every page of this delightful little website.

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